Unassigned Director & Officer Positions:

The following positions are available and require appointment. 

I. (9) Directors:

The Directors will spearhead one of  nine committee's. They are as follows:

1. Class Representatives

2. Membership

3. Web Page

4. Program & Activities

5. Fundraising/Donations

6. Audit

7. By-Laws

8. Finance

9. Nominating 

For accurate moreover detailed outlines of the duties these positions entails, please read the companies By-Laws page, captioned under

Article VI. Committees

II.  Secretary


  1.   The "Contributing Member" complete the "Join Us" application.
  2.  State his or her qualifications to hold the position requested.
  3.  He/She must pay his/her annual dues in the amount of $120.00.
  4. Note: The annual dues must be paid upfront. With Officers & Directors annual dues paid upfront, the alumnus establishes operating capital to communicate with the class via U.S. mail. Moreover, plan social events for class functions & meetings - to mention a few of the alumni functionalities the monies will enable.