After several weeks of construction on the LLC website, we are proud to announce that the site is officially published (yet still undergoing critiques). The paradigm of user friendly applications utilized in the implementation of this adjoining site allows easy transition from this website to the LLC website. With both websites operating cohesively, the abundance of information is equally disbursed and placed in its appropiate areas. Alumnus are able to gravite back and forth thru the links that are provided via both sites. In doing so, we alleviate and/or prevent cluttering of useful and important information. We certainly hope that you enjoy the website and your questions are (for the most part) answered. ~Note~ The LLC website was implemented to support the business transactions of this alumni. Hence, in accordance with our by-laws - some areas are password protected; allowing accessibility to "Contributing Members" exclusively. However, this website is considered the pride of the RHS Class of 1981 alumni. Hence, alumni (in unison) & guest are welcomed to view all pages implemented here devoid of any imposed restrictions.