On June 6th 2010 at 6:30 pm the first official class of 1981 alumni meeting was held at Jean Ribault Senior High School under the facilitation of Mr. Victor Anderson. Unfortunately, the anticipated attendance was met with minimal participation, as there were twelve (12)  attendees and (1) guest speaker. The attendance is as follows:

RSH Class of 1981 Attendance:

Victor Anderson
Sharen Bryant
Lawrence Buckner
Theresa Cannon
Valerie Cornelious
La'Vetta "Dian Vann-Davis
Thelmesia Davis-Whitfield
Michael Hill
Cheryl Ishman
Vincent Jones
Gayle Wilson
Michelle Brooks

Guest Speaker:
Siottis Jackson,RSH Activities & Events Faculty


With limited participation the meeting was held in a informal setting wherein an array of questions, suggestions and discussions were held.

Class Funds
Funds/Proceeds in the amount of $200.00 were received from Thelmesia Davis-Whitfield & Valerie Cornelious for the classes previous events. These funds were deposited into the classes newly established Wachovia account.

Though traditionally as with any/all club and/or alumnus dues are collected to sponsor future events, correspondence, donations etc. However, the suggestion of collecting dues was a mute point in this setting. Hopefully, in the future we will have greater success in this sphere by expanding our demographics to reach other classmates. 

The following teams were formed for future activities & fundraisers:

Class of 1981 Bowling Event
Thelmesia Davis Whitfield & Valerie Cornelius
Date of Event: August 2010

Class Tee-Shirt/Polo Shirt Fundraiser
Victor Anderson & Sharen Bryant
Date of Event: June 6th 2010
For anyone desiring to purchase the Bahamas Cruise Class Reunion Tee Shirt or Class of 1981 Polo - local purchases in the Jacksonville area can be made by contacting Sharen Bryant at 904-305-6754 or you may contact Victor directly at 864-337-2973

30th Class ReUnion Event
Planners: Sharen Bryant & Gayle Wilson
Though a Cruise has been scheduled for the 30th ReUnion, events leading up to the Cruise have yet to be scheduled. Hence, Sharen proposed an evening at the Al Hambra Theater for those class members that would not be able (for whatever reason) to set sail with the class on the 14th of July 2011.

Class Participation
Since the participaton/attendance was astonishingly low, the members in attendance agreed that cold calling absent class members was a proficient method in which class unification may be increased. Thelmesia Davis-Whitfield advised she would comprise a list of all of the phone numbers she used in her previous attempts to unify the class. Moreover, suggestions to implement a script to be used by all cold callers was discussed. 

Other Activities
Several suggestions were presented for fundraisers to assist in sponsoring the almunus future events, they are as follows:
~Car Wash - Michael Hill & Michelle Brooks
~Back to School Block Party - Victor Anderson
~Skating Night
~Joining forces with other Classes Alumni's -Thelmesia Davis Whitfield
~ Bar-B-Que/Class Cook-Out

Our School: Ribault Senior High School
Siottis Jackson, RSH Activities & Events Faculty Member spoke on behalf of RSH. It's standing in the community with regard to the closing of the high school. Thefinancial assistance they have recieved from other Alumni's. And what funds are currently needed from all sponsors and donators. A heartfelt thanks to Mr. Jackson is extended on behalf of the Class of 1981 for expending his time and the use of the auditorium.

If I have negated to elaborate on any significant factors discussed in the meeting, all attendees are welcome to edit this post on our chat page, as this editorial is posted there as well.