The mission of this non -profit organization is to support Ribault High School Alumni Class of 1981 in its entirety by way of the following captioned bullet points.

 This may be accomplished by, but is certainly not limited to the following:

  • Encouragement; continuing the spirit of tradition, more importantly, the loyalty among the Alumni.

  • Supporting the Alumni‚Äôs future endeavors & events by way of enhancement; limiting the need to request monies from our colleagues for any and all functions desired. This goal will be accomplished by the class collaborating and coming together as a cohesive team. Moreover proficiently executing fundraisers to generate funds for desired future activities.

  • Establishing and maintaining a method of communications for the Alumni via our newly implemented alumnus website. More significantly, via mass mailings of correspondence and other media artifacts to the Alumni; keeping all colleagues apprised of upcoming events & meetings.

  • Initiation of formal and scheduled quarterly Alumni meetings.

  • Sponsoring the Alumni upcoming event-Bahamas Cruise; meet & greet, memorabilia, banquet, beach excursion, Coach USA travel expense, and more.